Battling the Physical Symptoms of Stress

Great insights from HBR into the nature of stress as it relates to our work culture, as well as some possible remedies.

Your body reacts the same way to a harsh email and a saber-toothed tiger.

Source: Battling the Physical Symptoms of Stress

What the Research Tells Us About Team Creativity and Innovation

Here are some interesting observations courtesy of the HBR regarding team dynamics and the roles that creativity and innovation play in a business environment. To further discuss the observations mentioned in the attached article (link below), or to simply begin a dialogue to benefit your business, feel free to start a conversation with us at or by visiting

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Source: What the Research Tells Us About Team Creativity and Innovation

Warren Buffett Says to Invest as Much as You Can in This

Excellent observations from the Oracle of Omaha… Definitely worth the quick read, his quotes are golden as usual! Visit today to request your complimentary Business Assessment & Review.

Article: Warren Buffett Says to Invest as Much as You Can in This |

Warren Buffett Says to Invest as Much as You Can in This |

Who Treats Their Workers Best? – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Who Treats Their Workers Best? – Real Time Economics – WSJ.

This is the first study regarding global human capital from the World Economic Forum (in conjunction with the Harvard School of Public Health). We would like to hear your thoughts. Do you think the rankings shown in the study accurately reflect the realities of current international affairs?

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Conquering Procrastination – Part 3

This is the third and final entry of a 3-part series that we have been posting this week regarding the perils of procrastination, and ways to combat it to increase business productivity. Many of our current and former clients at Conquistador Consulting LLC (regardless of size, experience, or proficiency in their respective industry) have often fallen victim to various forms of procrastination. This occurs at all levels of leadership, and often undermines the ideal ethic and brand image that the business owner or leadership team has worked so hard to cultivate. We encourage ongoing education and implementation of any effective strategies to conquer procrastination, the deceptively harmless yet ubiquitous obstacle to the growth of so many businesses.

Below is Part 3, consisting of two great articles courtesy of Fast Company.

Q: What are specific ways in which your business suffers as a result of procrastinatory bahavior? Share your answers and tips in the Comments section at the bottom of the page!


The Procrastination-Killing Tactic To Try Now (Or In 10 Minutes)



Get To Work By Meeting Procrastination Head-On

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